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Additions to the 2014 Watts Radiant Catalog include:

  • Radiant PERT™ tubing
  • RadiantPEX™ accessories
  • SmartTrac™
  • Radiant thermostats
  • Snow melting controls
  • Custom electric mats

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Radiant Cooling Design

Reduce energy use and improve comfort in all seasons with a radiant system.

It’s simple: You give us your cooling load requirements and we’ll do the rest.

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SmartTrac is a flexible solution for any new construction or remodeling project

  • Deliver quiet, even, comfortable heat
  • Configure for any space
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 80% lighter than slab
  • Works with any floor covering
  • Designed for 3/8" PEX/PERT tubing

Greater Flexibility than Competitors

RadiantPERT tubing is rated to 180°F (82°C) at 80 psi and offers greater flexibility than other tubing products. Plus it’s backed by 30+ years of expertise—making it the perfect choice for hydronic heating, cooling, snow melting, and distribution applications.

Professional Grade Radiant Tubing

Onix™ is the product that can be installed with lifelong confidence in blazing heat and sunlight, or in Arctic frost and shadows.

The Silent Treatment

RadiantPEX+™ combines all of the traditional advantages of plastic PEX tubing, but with an added outer coating to reduce noise and decrease installation time.

Easy to Bid, Easy to Sell, Easy to Install

Making money in today's competitive market means working smarter. HydroNex® speeds up every facet of a hydronic job, from bidding to start-up. HydroNex also helps sell more jobs by offering a factory warranted piece of equipment with a professional appearance.

Heat Loss Just Lost

R-flex™ is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX piping system with a durable, waterproof outer cover. The flexibility and light weight of R-flex make it far easier to install than rigid piping systems.

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